Considering that The Simpsons attacked Upstate, NY – a place that I love and where I grew up – I am sharing this screenplay about Upstate, NY that I wrote at the start of my screenwriting adventure.

This is not a joke about life in Upstate, but rather a sad portrayal of the broken American family, suicide, massive loss of jobs, drug and alcohol abuse epidemics and how, despite all of those odds, the young hero of the story gets away and starts anew.

This is a story about anyone who wanted to stay home but couldn’t. About the downfall of a once influential region.

Appalachia SYNOPSIS 

This movie script has been through many iterations and the project has been in many different hands that have tried to make it since 2001.


Originally to be directed by Jay Russell (My Dog Skip, Ladder 49)

Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Kevin Costner – all read and considered starring in it.

Mali Finn told me that it was exactly what Ian McShane was looking for. We had the offer all drawn up…

I tried to raise the money and direct it myself. RANDY MOSS put up the money. Yes that Randy Moss – he grew up in West V. and said the screenplay felt like home to him.

The script was also in the IFP script program in NYC 2006.

If you’re looking for something to read and you didn’t really think what The Simpsons did was funny…have a look at this and remember – I wrote this so long ago that it was before widespread cell phone and computer use.




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