The story behind The Puddle Club – Part 5 – Game Of Life First

     Today I’m going to go over the underlying theme of The Puddle Club and briefly examine why the book is resonating so deeply with readers of all ages.


How many times have you heard the expression “life is just a game”? I’m guessing quite a few, because it’s one of the truest of truisms that everyone hears but few adhere to.

Instead, most folks adhere to Practiceopolis, which coaxes one into a perpetual training-mode for the game of life, while masquerading as the playing field itself. Practiceopolis is a defeatest state-of-mind and entire industries have been created to cater to those under it’s spell.

This is a trap. It removes the danger and dangles the life-changing journey before you like a carrot on a stick. Someday you’ll be ready…but not now, so why try?

The true game of life is played out on the wide-open fairways of possibility, the rolling hills of uncertainty, the sandy pits of doom and the seemingly dead-end of losing it all.


Sometimes losing it all is what it takes to make you see clearly again.

The fundamental key to the game of life is simply to play though every situation as the temporary challenge that it is.  Move from one hole to the next. It matters more that you dig in and play than if you win. Winning is a symptom of playing with a purpose and always giving your best effort.

Folks who are in this “fully alive” state, all know the game, their purpose, and most importantly, how to play through to the best of their own abilities. The other part of maintaining this positive state-of-mind is to always be on the lookout for your inner Gollum. The temptation to stop playing and instead protect your “precious” is ever present and removes one from the game entirely.

This theme of knowing yourself and playing through accordingly is what makes The Puddle Club the enduring book that it is becoming.


The story behind The Puddle Club – part 4 – PRACTICEOPOLIS

With Skyler (our Hero) and her sidekick Ralphie (the talking golf ball) clearly established, they both begin the journey through the mystical golf course known only as The Puddle Club.  This journey will eventually lead them both back home but there is no guarantee they will ever make it.

This is the risk of taking the first step.

The uncertainty sets up Skyler to fall under the spell of an alluring place called Practiceopolis. She decides to go inside Practiceopolis instead of going to the first tee to begin her journey.

What is Practiceopolis?

Practiceopolis is a giant indoor golf park that is housed inside a crystal golf ball set in the middle of the woods. It is located right before the first hole as a sort of trap that golfers can get drawn into with the hopes of winning prizes and accolades from all the robot coaches that populate this “indoor paradise golf theme park”

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.56.15 PM.png

In real life, Practiceopolis is a state of mind. It’s the place, both real and unreal, where you go to get ready for some difficult journey but you never truly take the first step in that journey.  Practiceopolis is the parking lot of broken dreams, failed confidence and a fear of learning your own limitations — your own “Personal Par”

This does not mean that practice is bad. Just the opposite. Practice is good if you make it purposeful and pointing you towards the journey instead of becoming an excuse to avoid taking that terrifying first step.

It’s well known that a round of golf reveals who you are pretty quickly. Don’t postpone the wonderful gift of learning yourself and therefore earning yourself.

Jump right in and play.  You can practice another day.



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