The story behind The Puddle Club – Part 1

   My family relocated to the Philadelphia suburbs in the winter of 2015. My wife had landed her dream job at Vanguard and who was I, an out-of-work screenwriter, to hold her back? After living all of our adult lives in either the NYC or LA, it was with cautious optimism that we settled among the Amish farms of Chester County.

     Buying a home in suburban PA can be tricky for city folk like us. Most of the homes have well water, a septic system and propane powered heat — three things I wanted nothing to do with.  This limited our search but we eventually found a home with public water and city-run plumbing that used natural gas — and it was in a gated country club community.


My wife and I do not golf but we loved the house. When springtime rolled around we were invited to a free golf clinic for kids. On a whim, we took our daughter, who was really just tagging along with a school friend.  She was a natural who fell in love with the game instantly. She joyfully hit the ball. We signed her up for private lessons with the junior golf instructor.

This was her first few swings of a golf club.





Around this time is when I met soon-to-be new GM of our country club, Gregg Russell. When he found out I was a writer with a young daughter that golfed, he told me about his lifelong dream to write a book about his experiences with junior golfers called “Im Only 8” but since he was not a writer he never got it done.

We started talking.

(To be continued)

What is The Puddle Club?

The Puddle Club is a mystical country club that can only be entered by jumping into a puddle. A magic kind of puddle that invited you by name.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 7.38.32 PM

There is only one way out of the Puddle Club and that is to play through. But don’t worry if you’ve never played the game of golf before — The Puddle Club has coaches like Parnell Knickerbocker Rittenhouse the 3rd ready to prepare you for the journey.  Folks say he’s real nice even for a gopher.


The Puddle Club is also a state of mind because once you’ve been there you are changed forever.

The Puddle Club will be available on April 1 from Hosel & Ferrule Books.

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Puddles Are Fun

Children know exactly what to do when they encounter a puddle. The puddle invites them to come and disrupt it’s peaceful facade, to create water ripples with their fingers and to get a glimpse of one’s own wavy reflection.


The puddle is a temporary doorway to another world. One that disappears just as quickly as it appeared. The mystery beyond the puddle is the place daydreamers are drawn to.

In my upcoming book “The Puddle Club,” a young girl jumps into a puddle and is transported to a parallel world where she learns that the game of life has many rules, but none of them are more important than jumping right in.


“The Puddle Club” will be available on April 1, 2018 from Hosel & Ferrule Books.

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Puddle Theory

When you were a child you jumped right into the puddle without a care in the world, because puddles are fun and splashing in them is a universally shared joyful human experience.


When you grew up you stopped jumping in puddles because puddles make you dirty and mess everything up.  The puddle never changed. You did.

This is Puddle Theory and it is about finding your way back to the puddle and reconnecting with the part of you that mysteriously vanished.

Please join me as I introduce and blog about Puddle Theory in the coming months that lead up to the release of my first book “The Puddle Club”

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