Stories are the writer’s painting. When you write screenplays that never become movies you’ve created work for others to enjoy but are helpless when it gets stuffed in a dusty closet never to be seen again.

Since I wrote a lot of movies that never got made I am going to start posting them here as a way to share these paintings on my own.  My hope is that you’ll be entertained and maybe learn something too.

My first offering is EXTRA LIFE, which I like to describe as Generation-X’s American Graffiti — instead of fast cars and burger joints we looked under the hoods of our computers and learned to manipulate the world around us.




My second offering is RED MOON, which aims to be the first realistic movie about a military skirmish between Communist China and a hardscrabble group of Americans who engage in combat on the moon.


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 5.26.29 PM

RICHARD FREED and JIM ELLIOT are ex- astronauts that followed different paths when the Space Shuttle program came to an end. Richard stayed at NASA and eventually became the administrator of a failing, uncared for agency. Jim started his own private aerospace company and is now one of the richest men in the world.

When a Chinese satellite explodes in low orbit and causes the first global “space incident” it sparks a closer look at the moon, where the discovery of boot prints where no man has walked before causes alarm and panic in Washington.

Richard and Jim are reunited by fate and must collaborate on a dangerous, clandestine mission to the lunar surface to investigate.

Not only do they find a fully functioning Chinese moon base, but it’s also armed with missiles that can take out any target on Earth.

RED MOON is about how an American cowboy with his own spaceship can take down an illegal Communist base on another world with the help of a few good men.