Stories are the writer’s painting. When you write screenplays that never become movies you’ve created work for others to enjoy but are helpless when it gets stuffed in a dusty closet never to be seen again.

Since I wrote a lot of movies that never got made I am going to start posting them here as a way to share these paintings on my own.  My hope is that you’ll be entertained and maybe learn something too.

My first offering is EXTRA LIFE, which I like to describe as Generation-X’s American Graffiti — instead of fast cars and burger joints we looked under the hoods of our computers and learned to manipulate the world around us.





When I got into business with Universal Pictures is when I was wise enough to demand (with no PR person on payroll) that I have an announcement of my projects in Variety and without this proof you can’t find any evidence anywhere in pro databases that Lightspeed (ripped off and became Interstellar) was sold with Bryan Singer attached.

Singer tried to have me erased because when he tried the sex thing with me I told him to go fuck himself and that is how my career got “cancelled” long before anyone famous was caught by the nothing.

Read or download my very first draft of LIGHTSPEED (before any notes)