Countdown to publication…

The final edits are done, the cover is all set and the endorsements are rolling in. I’m so excited to share this book with golf fans and players of all ages in January 2018. There is already talk of the book being used as a teaching aid by one of the world’s largest junior golf […]

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Jumping in.

The Puddle Club is a work of fantasy fiction that was created and written by Michael McGruther and Gregg Russell and is inspired by the experiences Gregg had as a youth golf instructor and Michael still has as the father of a junior golfer. Golf is a game of self-mastery and self-mastery does not come […]

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What is The Puddle Club?

The Puddle Club is a mystical country club that can only be entered by jumping into a puddle. A magic kind of puddle that invited you by name. There is only one way out of the Puddle Club and that is to play through. But don’t worry if you’ve never played the game of golf […]

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