Invest or not — you still have to pay for the culture.

The global political left understands the craft of storytelling to change the world and has never been afraid to invest in the culture to get the world it desires.

What do I mean by the “the culture”?

The culture is the narrative we all live in together. The story of who we are and what we value is reflected in the popular art form of our time. It’s the giant pool of stories and social norms that we are spoon-fed by media, which we internalize and then show-off like achievement badges in the schlub scouts.

Lights, iPhone, Action!

Psychoanalytical data misers know the human condition is moldable like clay and they can animate that clay when the individual is a part of a victim community being coaxed into distrust of the plain truth in favor of allegiance to slogans and slick advertising campaigns disguised as viral TikTok videos.

The culture is cultivated by folks who do not share the values of most people walking the face of the Earth – their game is to saddle society with unneeded luxury and comforts while personalizing and sanctifying every human vice because the more worldly you can make the audience, the more world you stuff into their hearts and the more money the elite can stuff into their pockets.

That’s why it’s time for the Great American Storytelling revolution. Step one is the total rejection of the corporate pop-culture that we are downstream from. Step two is creating the sub pop culture from the bottom up with the knowledge and conviction that we must keep our American way alive by ourselves.

A new marketplace must be formed where the American story is celebrated in works of art, film, tv, poetry, music and literature. If you can create, it is now your patriotic duty to share the American way with audiences.

Just like “you are what you eat” applies to food – culture is “what we celebrate is who we become” so let’s celebrate America together by telling the truth about our way of life and the let the corporate sensationalists tell all the lies to reach their global profit margins.

Please visit and add your name to the mailing list. Growing a community empowered to change the culture requires that we act with one unified voice. Organizing the creators and the audience is mission critical to escaping the corporate Hollywood junk food culture.

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